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  • Residential Cleaners

Looking for a Good Job?

Then, think about a rewarding career as a residential cleaner!

Let’s face it. Most people do not like housework. However, there are some who don’t mind house cleaning at all. In fact, they are very thorough cleaners. It this describes YOU, then here is the KEY to your future.

As a Residential Cleaner, you will enjoy Tremendous Job Security! In Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, our quality service is always in demand. We have never laid off a Residential Cleaner. Our staff also receive full Workers’ Compensation Coverage.

Flexible Working Conditions!

With Superior Cleaning, your evenings and weekends are always free. Most of our staff work in teams for six to eight hours per day from Monday to Friday, and they clean three houses per day. Work begins between at 8:30 am each day. We can tailor a schedule to suit you in your part of the city and with your choice of hours.

On the Job Training!

Residential cleaning is a skilled trade. At Superior, we put much effort into improving techniques, time management skills, and knowledge of products. Our company is famous for the quality of our cleaning. Even if you already have years of experience, you will benefit from our training. We offer flexible hours and free uniforms.

Job Satisfaction!

The members of our staff take a great amount of pride in the quality of the work accomplished. Our employees get the recognition and praise they deserve as skilled, honest and hardworking individuals from both the company and the customers. At Superior, there has always been a strong sense of loyalty.

Apply today!

In order to qualify for this career opportunity, you must:

    • be conscientious
    • be in very good physical condition to sustain frequent kneeling and bending
    • be able to speak, read, and write English to Ontario Grade 9 standards
    • be bondable and you will be required to pass the Police security clearance test
    • be able to supply references
    • be willing to learn the Superior system of cleaning
    • have no unusual fear of household pets
    • have no allergies to dust or pets
    • have experience in a job where physical “hand-eye” co-ordination is important
    • have a reliable vehicle or be prepared to bus from a central schedule

Call Today for an Interview, and find out why house cleaning can be a full-time or part-time rewarding career.

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